Technical Cleaning for Technical Environments
Server Room

At DPES, we provide specialized cleaning services for critical environments.

Cleaning technical environments requires specialized training and tools, because standard cleaning practices simply don't cut it in live, high liability spaces. We use "no touch" modalities and state of the art equipment to ensure that our people provide the highest quality server room cleaning to the sub-micron level, without interrupting your critical interfaces.

Whether you are operating a data centre, a server room, a clean room, a telecommunication centre or any other kind of technical environment, we can clean it.


What we do...

From the subfloor to the ceiling void and everything in between, we've got you covered

For your equipment to operate at peak performance and reliability, your environment must be maintained within acceptable limits. Bottom line? Particulate matter and debris means downtime.

DPES offers a wide range of computer room and precision cleaning and related services for all technical environments, including:


What's lurking in your space?

Visit our gallery!

Dirt and contaminants can appear where you'd least expect them, and that's downtime waiting to happen. Check out our gallery illustrating what could be lurking in your space, right under your nose!


Andrew Bot, Director for the West Coast Division of DPES, was recently interviewed by The Quality Data Centre newsletter as an expert on cleaning technical environments. You can read the entire interview.