About DPES

Prevent Downtime. Increase Production Yield

DP Environmental Service is a nationwide cleaning company specializing in technical environments, from server rooms and data centres to telecom rooms and clean rooms.

At DPES, we know that technical environments demand a specialized approach to cleaning. Operating in live, high liability situations, we use "no-touch" modalities to ensure the integrity of your environment and equipment.

Our personnel are fully trained in the latest sub-micron cleaning techniques employing cutting edge technology. In servicing over 3 million square feet annually, we've developed and refined our methodologies to bring you the highest standard of cleaning excellence you'll find anywhere.

If you want a precision cleaning service that can help your organization prevent downtime and increase production yield, contact DPES today.

What's lurking in your space?

Visit our gallery!

Dirt and contaminants can appear where you'd least expect them, and that's downtime waiting to happen. Check out our gallery illustrating what could be lurking in your space, right under your nose!


Andrew Bot, Director for the West Coast Division of DPES, was recently interviewed by The Quality Data Centre newsletter as an expert on cleaning technical environments. You can read the entire interview.