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National Corporate Offices

DP Environmental Service Inc.

National Hot-Line: 1-800-735-3097

28 Cedar Drive,
Caledon, Ontario, L7K 1H6

Regional Offices

DPES is truly a National Company. Regional Offices Providing Computer Room Environmental Services in:

British Columbia: 604-730-8775

Alberta: 403-850-1909


Toronto: 905-840-4480
Ottawa: 613-446-2207

Quebec: 1-800-707-0820

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia: 1-800-735-3097

What's lurking in your space?

Visit our gallery!

Dirt and contaminants can appear where you'd least expect them, and that's downtime waiting to happen. Check out our gallery illustrating what could be lurking in your space, right under your nose!


Andrew Bot, Director for the West Coast Division of DPES, was recently interviewed by The Quality Data Centre newsletter as an expert on cleaning technical environments. You can read the entire interview.