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Our Services

Prevent Downtime. Increase Production Yield

In the technical environment, dirt and contaminants can come from anywhere. It isn't so much the dirt you can see, it's what you can't see. Removing particulate matter and preventing contaminants from entering the environment is paramount to maximizing uptime and productivity, and we offer a range of services to keep your technical space running for years to come.

Anti-Static Waxing

Anti-Static Waxing For ESD Sensitive Environments

For static sensitive environments with vinyl composite tile flooring or anti static tiling, this process accentuates the anti-static properties of floor tiles

Sub-Floor Sealing

Sub-Floor Sealing

Applied to your sub-floor concrete deck or plenum, this non-conductive sealing process improves temperature and humidity control, and eliminates efflorescence

Zinc Abatement

Zinc Abatement/Remediation

Zinc abatement and remediation eliminates zinc needles (also known as zinc whiskers) that are difficult to spot, but can be hazardous to circuit boards, power supplies etc. A full zinc remediation goes a long way to eliminating future downtime

Subfloor Cleaning

Subfloor Cleaning & Precision cleaning

Whether it's your racks, your subfloor, or any of your existing equipment, we deploy our precision cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure that your environment is particulate and contaminant free.

Void HEPA Cleaning

Ceiling Void HEPA Cleaning

This process removes years of contamination and debris that often accumulate in ceiling void cavities. Our thorough approach also prevents future particle fallout that can occur when void tiles are repositioned for upgrades and repairs

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

We have the ability to provide reports and analysis of particle counts with full graphing before and after cleaning so you can see the results. An air quality test is also a great way to detect breaches and ensure air quality.

Sub-Floor Sealing

Contamination Testing

Contaminants can appear from anywhere and without warning, contributing to downtime and reducing productivity. We can provide full lab contamination testing to isolate sources of contamination, allowing you to take action before the situation becomes critical.

What's lurking in your space?

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Dirt and contaminants can appear where you'd least expect them, and that's downtime waiting to happen. Check out our gallery illustrating what could be lurking in your space, right under your nose!


Andrew Bot, Director for the West Coast Division of DPES, was recently interviewed by The Quality Data Centre newsletter as an expert on cleaning technical environments. You can read the entire interview.